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Data Sprints & Design Sprints.

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Explore and test your ideas and concepts using Data Sprints and Design Sprints, to secure stakeholder confidence in user-validated, data-driven outcomes

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How we help your business.

We bring together the most relevant people from your business and ours to collaboratively build and test your prototypes with real end users, so that your solutions can successfully be applied to real-world scenarios.

We’ve taken the original Design Sprint framework (invented by Jake Knapp at Google) and customised it to meet the needs of our customers. A powerful tool, it enables businesses to innovate from shared ideation, before creating validated product prototypes at speed with minimal investment.

Our one- to two-week Design Sprint kick-starts with a series of intensive workshops. Your key stakeholders, decision makers, and real end users or representatives will approach your specific challenges from different perspectives. After agreeing on a potential prototype, we’ll feedback to ensure it offers the best possible solution. By taking a well-rounded, team approach before developing your prototype, you can avoid potentially time-consuming and costly cycles.


Data Sprints perfectly blend our Design Sprint and hack strategies to form a hybrid framework that discovers, develops, and delivers your data solutions. Our two-day data hack produces a feasibility score, so we can gauge whether to proceed to the 10-day Data Sprint. During the Data Sprint, we build a prototype and consider how to take it into production.

By bringing together a group of professionals and SMEs to work on a single challenge and solution at the same time, we eliminate blockers and impediments stemming from secondary processes and bureaucracy often encountered during large-scale projects or programmes.

Feeling the need for speed?

Want to go faster?

Our Service Accelerators are designed to get you to your destination faster and take you further. Each is underpinned by the Aiimi Insight Engine, creating a virtual data mesh that discovers and interconnects all information across your enterprise, giving you a comprehensive picture of your data universe and enabling you with actionable insights.

Here are the Service Accelerators available within our Data Sprints & Design Sprints offering.

Enterprise Search
Search for information across content and data sources alike. Speed up the process of finding the information you need to fuel your exploration activity.
Data Catalogue
Build a catalogue of your data sources and enrich it with metadata - where it comes from, who owns it, who uses it, and what it looks like. An important tool and enabler in recognising data as an asset.
Information Landscape Audit
Identify the key information systems within your organisation and build a view of data silos, to inform and guide your digital and data transformation.
Network Diagram
Understand and visualise the relationships between the data assets within your information landscape. Recognise the dependencies and leverage the power of connected insight.
Build collections of information assets, speeding up the process of searching for and finding the information you need to support business and operational processes.
Compliance Audit
Review your information landscape against multiple regulatory guidelines and policies. Build comprehensive evidence to support compliance audits and create custom experiences to execute them.
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Joanne Finch - Principal Consultant - UX
Joanne Finch

Principal Consultant - UX

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Jamie Leeson

Principal Consultant - UI Designer

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David Ford

Principal Consultant - UX

Paul Sliwinski - Principal Consultant - Visualisation
Paul Sliwinski

Principal Consultant - Visualisation

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Claire Sharp
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