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The Aiimi Insight Engine is fast, responsive, and powered by AI.

Built on the Aiimi Insight Engine, our powerful DSAR solution discovers, interconnects, and secures your personal data with agile precision, so you can easily rise to the 30-day ICO challenge.

Data Discovery

Our automated enterprise search solutions instantly discovers and interconnects all your personal data whatever its format or wherever it's stored. You can now build a personal data collection for every right to be forgotten and DSAR request so everything is close at hand.

DSAR Management

Our accessible and secure central management system enables you to avoid bottlenecks and swiftly process data erasure and DSAR requests in collaboration with your team. You can now meet the ICO deadline on time.

Privacy Compliance

Our data erasure, redaction, and GDPR compliance software ensure you safely disclose every subject access request and right to erasure request with complete confidence. Reduce reviews, remove human error, and limit inadvertent breaches. Nothing gets missed.


Uncover what’s complicating your data privacy operations.

Data privacy is making headlines left and right, and for good reason. But you can be future-ready by learning where to simplify your data management.

Calculate your complexity using our 5 minute quiz and get your free personalised playbook to start building a data privacy and compliance centre of excellence.

Your personalised playbook for future-proofed data privacy and compliance

Watch our three-part DSR compliance video series with Data Protection Lead Matt Eustace to find out how to disclose complex employee DSARs and customer DSARs and protect privacy.


Schedule your personalised DSAR demo.

Book your personalised DSAR demo to find out how the Aiimi Insight Engine's DSAR software will help you discover, redact, and disclose information with ease.


The Aiimi Insight Engine never stops discovering and enriching your personal data.

Always on, our insight engine's DSAR software constantly connects the dots between your unstructured and structured data, indexing and enriching everything for full visibility. You can now find and share the exact personal data you need for a lightning fast DSAR process.

Search & Discover

Automate your DSAR search with our pre-configured settings to find the exact personal data you need for all your DSAR requests.

Share & Collaborate

Compile a DSAR Collection of personal data for each DSAR request to collaborate and share knowledge with ease, keeping everyone on the same page.

Automate & Review

Automate DSAR reviews, redactions, and disclosures with a centralised DSAR solution. Deliver a complete response directly to your data subject's door.

Notify & Alert

Automate email and in-platform alerts to notify reviewers to troubleshoot queries and immediately redact or disclose data for faster DSAR responses.

Protect & Redact

Secure access to sensitive data by enforcing permissions, and redact third-party data in-platform before disclosing your DSARs to data subjects.

Comply & Audit

Process compliant DSARs on time, every time, along with a complete audit trail to limit the probability of data subject or ICO complaints.

With the Aiimi Insight Engine, we're delivering robust end-to-end processes for DSAR and deletion, while reducing costs and increasing efficiency. As we look to the future, the potential of the platform also presents exciting new use cases for driving further commercial value for our customers.
Jo Graham, CIO at boohoo Group

Automate your DSAR process in seven simple steps.

With the ever-increasing workload and complexity generated by data subject access requests and right to be forgotten requests, smart organisations are now automating their DSAR process. There's a whole host of vendors promising improved workflows and redaction capabilities, so how do you choose the very best DSAR solution to resolve your personal data challenges? Read our step-by-step guide to find out all you need to know!


Process DSARs at full velocity with our fast, compliant, and auditable solution.

Learn how to find, manage, redact, and disclose personal data and third-party data with ease using our Aiimi Insight Engine's DSAR tools. Process every right to be forgotten and subject access request at speed.

Automate discovery
Create Collections
Share with colleagues
Automate redaction
Disclose to data subject
Stay on track

Connect to anything and everything.

Valuable data and information lives across your enterprise systems – but it's siloed and speaks different languages. Conventional wisdom says you need to put it all in one central platform, data lake, or Cloud to be able to control it. We disagree.

Discover and classify everything in-place, whether its on-premises or in the cloud, structured data or unstructured content. With an open connector API that enables its enterprise-wide data mesh, the Aiimi Insight Engine can connect to anything and go anywhere – from large, unstructured Network Drives, to your ERP, CRM data, and HR systems. So you get to keep your data and information where it should be.


Schedule your personalised DSAR demo.

Book your one-on-one DSAR demo with our product experts to find out how the Aiimi Insight Engine’s DSAR tools will help you discover, redact, and disclose with speed – and tackle personal data risk with confidence.