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A typical enterprise has hundreds of information systems, but they don't speak the same language. Using an enterprise AI platform to create a common understanding across these systems–that's how you unlock the value of information.
Steve Salvin, Aiimi CEO
Enterprise AI Platform

Transform your business with new information insights.

On average, only 1% of your organisation’s data can be seen by employees. And Gartner research shows 44% of employees have made a wrong decision because they were unaware of information that could have helped.

The Aiimi Insight Engine discovers and interconnects all information across the enterprise, so you can break down these harmful data siloes and safely put information into the right hands, faster.


Find and exploit the value that exists in your information assets, now discoverable, searchable, and relevant with intelligent enterprise search software.


Deliver new and different insights from your data and information, using AI-powered enrichment to realise never-before-seen connections and relationships.


Improve how you manage enterprise data and information, with superior understanding, insight, and control. Ready to spot any risk - and any opportunity.

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An Insight Engine built for business.

Empowering information leaders, the Aiimi Insight Engine enables multiple enterprise solutions securely and at scale. With intelligent enterprise search software and discovery as standard, plus several out-of-the-box packaged companions, the Aiimi Insight Engine will help you achieve your biggest goals, balancing your top- and bottom-line objectives.

Search & Discovery

Discover and interconnect all data across your enterprise for lightning-fast employee search, navigation, and actionable insights. Our enterprise AI platform uses Extractive AI & Generative AI techniques to get you to better answers, faster, without comprising on enterprise information security and control.

Data Privacy & Compliance

Empower your business to manage and protect sensitive personal data, always. Plus, our out-of-the-box tools help Data Protection teams to respond to data requests, like DSARs, and automate data governance. Compliant, secure, automated.

Legacy Decommissioning

Moving away from bloated legacy IT no longer has to be a stumbling block to transformation. Our flexible tools help you prepare for system decommissioning and maintain access to business-critical legacy data - with no downtime and over 80% reduced cost.

Cloud Migration

Improve your Cloud agility with intelligent Migration tools. It all starts with fully understanding your information, so you can maximise your move to Cloud - and minimise your costs.

Headless Insight

Push information to your employees at the moment they need it, in the applications they're familiar with. With headless insight, you can give your employees insights across the enterprise, in a controlled and compliant way.

Knowledge Management

Understand the knowledge networks underpinning your business. Empower your employees to navigate and visualise information in one central dashboard, so they can get to the answers they need - and you maintain access controls.

Market & Supply Chain Intelligence

Never miss a beat on market changes. The Aiimi Insight Engine interconnects your internal and external data sources to give you the complete intelligence picture - and new ways to navigate it.

ESG Discovery & Compliance

Rise to this crucial reporting challenge with intelligent insights. The Aiimi Insight Engine helps you bring together structured and unstructured data sources to show your Board how the business is tracking against vital ESG targets.

Data Science

Reduce time to value with our next-gen Data Science toolkit, powering your teams (including citizen data scientists) to harness clean data, build, train, and operationalise models. Plus, new capabilities bring powerful Generative AI to your business with enterprise-grade security.

The capabilities of the Aiimi Insight Engine align with our ongoing transformation roadmap, which seeks to uncover and harness the true power and potential of advanced data and cloud technology.
Jonathan Payne, Group IT Director at RES
how it works

The Aiimi Insight Engine gives you the complete data picture.

Here's how it does it...

Powered by AI and machine learning, the Aiimi Insight Engine discovers, classifies, and enriches all types of information and data across your organisation – from structured data to unstructured content; from CRM systems and sales platforms to email servers and asset datasets.

  • New and valuable insights - empower your business teams.
  • Total visibility and control - manage your information risk.
  • Realise unseen opportunities - secure competitive advantage.

Automatically discovers and classifies data and information across all enterprise systems and repositories, in the cloud or on-premises.


Enriches everything with machine learning techniques, adding context and structure to information.


Makes everything discoverable – users can search millions of pieces of enriched information with sub-second response times.


Keeps your information secure, respecting access permissions of source systems and integrating with authentication services, like single sign-on.

Deliver Insight

Delivers actionable insight to your business – from alerting to information exposure risks, to surfacing hidden data in context.


Empowers data owners to take full control over information management, with no more unknowns.

The Aiimi Insight Engine clearly aligned with our data management needs and will future-proof Gigaclear as our growth journey continues to accelerate.
Gordon Perry, CIO at Gigaclear

Discover how Information Leaders get value from AI with the Aiimi Insight Engine.

Explore how the Aiimi Insight Engine has helped Information Leaders get their complete data picture at enterprise scale, so they can prove value across multiple business areas, including Data Privacy Automation, Risk Mitigation, Enterprise Search, Knowledge Management, Market Intelligence, and Cloud Migration.

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Our Services put data at the heart of your digital service transformation.

Delivering insight that drives positive outcomes for your business.
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Connect to anything and everything.

Valuable information lives across your enterprise systems – but it's siloed and speaks different languages. Conventional wisdom says you need to put it all in one central platform, data lake, or Cloud to be able to control it. We disagree.

Discover and classify everything in-place, whether its on-premises or in the cloud. With an open connector API that enables its enterprise-wide data mesh, the Aiimi Insight Engine can connect to anything and go anywhere – from large, unstructured Network Drives, to your ERP, CRM, and HR systems. So you get to keep your information where it should be.


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