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AI Ambitions in UK Industry

Download our straight-talking playbook for leaders seeking to transform their business with AI.

We’ve combined Aiimi’s expertise in digital, data, and AI with exclusive insights from business leaders across 15 UK industries, to create a playbook that’s packed with practical advice and step-by-step guidance for operationalising AI.

  • Exclusive AI readiness insights
  • Step-by-step guidance for operationalising AI
  • Developed with leaders in mind

Your entire data picture.

We use data, digital, and AI to solve big business challenges for enterprise organisations. Whether you’re working with our data and digital experts or using our AI-powered Insight Engine, we get you directly to the valuable answers you need.

Operationalise AI

Transform your business, solve your biggest challenges, and redefine user experiences with fully operationalised AI.

Connect your people to insight

Empower your people with the right answers and uncover hidden opportunities with your entire data picture.

Data management & governance

Mitigate risk, cut costs, and drive efficiency and innovation through data governance and information management.

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enterprise ai

Operationalise AI.

Safe deployment, maximum AI value.

AI has the power to transform your business. But how do you go beyond experimenting with AI, to fully operationalised AI? Our expert consultants and enterprise AI platform help shape and accelerate your journey – including pinpointing the best places to start getting value and fixing data quality, enabling the guardrails for safe AI adoption, connecting your people, data, and assets with new digital experiences, and ensuring complete explainability across all AI outputs.

entire data picture

Connect your people to insight.

Drive opportunities, accelerate innovation.

When you join the dots between data, you get valuable insight and answers. The Aiimi Insight Engine discovers and interconnects all enterprise information, structured and unstructured, to give you the entire data picture - so you can uncover the answers to your biggest challenges and find new opportunities for growth and innovation.

expert solutions

Data management & governance.

Cut costs, manage risk.

The business value of well-managed, good quality data cannot be overstated. Data governance, data strategy, and information management are key drivers of operational efficiency and cost savings. Our packaged software solutions and expert data consultants harness leading-edge technology to start releasing value from day one, whether you're focused on compliance, risk, migration, or strategy.

Aiimi are unlocking the power of AI at Anglian Water. By intuitively revealing previously hidden insight from our data and information – and placing it directly into the hands of the people who need it the most – we can exploit its full potential.
Iain Fry, Director of Information Services at Anglian Water

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