We're a tech company that specialises in using our AI technology and data expertise to bring new insights to organisations.


We turn your information into insight. You achieve your business goals.

Our software and services unlock the power of your data and information - discovering everything, connecting information you didn't know you had, and operationalising your data. You'll harness never-before-seen insights, solve your biggest challenges, and gain a competitive edge.


Reach your data and information goals.

We can operationalise your known data and information and create digital products that make a real impact on your organisation. And we'll do it on time, within budget.

Information Strategy

Understand, structure, and control your information, so you can power enterprise-wide digital transformation.

  • Information Strategy, Vision & Charter
  • Information Architecture
  • Information Governance
  • Digital Transformation

Data Services

Deliver more digital impact with our expert data teams, so you can generate a faster and more powerful outcome.

  • Data Sprints
  • Advanced Analytics & AI
  • Data Foundation
  • Data Experience

UX & Design

Design standout user experiences with our UX/UI teams, so you can transform your great ideas into even greater products and services.

  • User Experience & User Interface Design
  • Design Sprints

Content Management

Design and build industry-leading content management solutions, so you can operationalise your information management strategy.

  • Implementing Content Management Platforms & Upgrades
  • Content Migration


How we work.

Three simple beliefs guide everything we do. We're transparent about how
we do things - and why it works.

That's why our customers choose us.


Data and information​ should be treated the same.​

When you connect disparate entities, that's when valuable insight happens.


Information ​governance needs ​to be automated where possible.​

It's the only way to achieve the ultimate in information governance - privacy by design.


User experience ​is critical to the design of information architecture.​

Why build anything other than systems your teams want to adopt?


Trusted by the trusted.

Discover how organisations are using the Aiimi Insight Engine.


How Anglian Water battled Beast From The East... and won

In March 2018, Beast From The East hit the UK. During that time we experienced temperatures of -6C for several days, followed by +8C shortly afterwards. Aiimi had to quickly design and implement a tactical solution that would enable Anglian Water to maintain a good level of service through the storm. Our data-led solution raised our client to #1 in an OFWAT survey.

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Anglian Water and Aiimi have been working together successfully for over six years. In fact, they are undeniably at the heart of how we've driven data and digital capabilities in recent times.

Matt Edwards, Chief Data Officer at Anglian Water Services

Without Aiimi’s knowledge, guidance, and leadership driving our data and information strategies, we simply wouldn’t have realised our goals. They have underpinned an essential business and operating model change at Anglian Water.

Matt Edwards, Chief Data Officer at Anglian Water Services

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