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Defining the Chief Data Officer - busting the myths and nailing the facts

Go a different way.

Arrive at a better place.

Quick, relevant, accurate and assured: this is how you win at information management.

Go a different way.
Arrive at a better place.

Quick, relevant, accurate and assured: this is how you win at information management.

Businesses that get the power of data, get us

Free-thinking and brighter doing, we're the friendly, smarter alternative for organisations that understand how data expertise can help them thrive


Turning information into opportunity

Manage Data & Content

Create, store, share and get insights from the combined knowledge of your organisation.

Shape your strategy

We take time to understand our customers’ long-term objectives to ensure everything we do directly contributes to their ambition.

AI & Automation

Make accessing your information a no-brainer with our machine learning platform that automates information management.

Amplify Insight

We utilise data stores and content repositories to aggregate, enrich and process clean data, so you get the most up-to-date insights into your business.


Insight Maker is our proprietary search platform. It’s as happy contributing to high-level strategy and business-changing insights as it is on deep-level daily search.


The next generation of Enterprise Information Management

InsightMaker is our unique discovery platform. It works alongside you, using machine learning to swiftly and securely serve you relevant information and unimagined insight.Whether you’re looking to comply to GDPR regulation, use enterprise search across your business, archive old files or get the most accurate data science insights, InsightMaker continually adapts to your needs using machine learning.
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Our Aiimi consultant knows their stuff better than any consultant I’ve ever worked with. They know the products inside out, they're honest, they turn things around quickly and they want to solve problems - which they always do. I particularly appreciate how they pass their knowledge on. I’ve learnt a lot working with them.

Ed Burnett, Business Analyst at The Planning Inspectorate

Our Aiimi consultant has been breath of fresh air in taking hold of problems and working them through. A consultant who leaves the consultant hat at the door, rolls up their sleeves and becomes part of the team. Outstandingly good and professional.

Steve Trippier, Group CISO at Anglian Water

Aiimi has added real value to Aquila. Obviously we pay a fee and expect a service, but they've gone beyond just delivering the service they’ve been tasked with. Consistently they strive to deliver that bit extra, take more time to understand and improve. Aquila as a company have improved their performance both as an organisation and in operation of their contract because of Aiimi.

Andy Robins, Head of Central Services at AQUILA

Whitepaper Icon Latest Whitepaper

Defining the Chief Data Officer:
Busting the myths and nailing the facts

What should the CDO’s remit be? Where should we hire them from? When’s the right time? How do we make sure they work in peace and harmony with everyone else at the company? These are common questions we intend to answer in this guide. Read on to find out how you can crack the CDO conundrum.


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