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Our Work
OUR LEGACY system migration SOLUTION

Fast, reliable, and always adding value.

Legacy systems and the data stored there pose significant security risks. Built on the Aiimi Insight Engine, our legacy system migration solution connects to any system to discover and enrich information automatically - empowering you to understand what data you have and mitigate against risk. So you're not only making cost savings, you're also reducing risk and getting brand-new value from legacy historical data every time you choose to decommission.


Using its open connector API, the Aiimi Insight Engine can connect to any systems storing legacy file information – from cloud BLOB storage to your data lakes or file shares.


Machine learning automatically enriches information, helping you derive new value from your legacy data – and reduce risk by pinpointing sensitive or high-risk data.


Put your legacy data straight back to work with our user-friendly data discovery tools. Your teams can search, navigate, and display enriched legacy data with ease.

SCHEDULE YOUR LEGACY system migration demo

Decommission legacy systems with ease, every time.

Book your personalised demo and discovery session with one of our experts to find out how the Aiimi Insight Engine makes decommissioning your legacy applications fast, flexible, and valuable.


The Aiimi Insight Engine gives your legacy data a new lease of life.

Our legacy system migration solution pairs our AI-powered software with our expert data engineers, so you don't need to do anything in-house. With its open connector API and auto-enrichment, the Aiimi Insight Engine ensures no legacy data gets left behind and value can be added everywhere. Your legacy data is indexed and moved to Azure Blob storage, where it's easily accessed and can be navigated with our user-friendly search and discovery platform.


Capture every bit of legacy information with comprehensive decommissioning for both data and documents, including CSV, XML, and JSON formats.


Be assured of complete success by working with our expert Services team to carry out ETL to decommission any line of business system.


Gain new insights into your data with auto-enrichment steps powered by machine learning. Preserve relationships between data and documents, and even build new ones.


Empower your teams to search, navigate, and display legacy data with ease. No training required, just start querying using the Aiimi Insight Engine.


Pinpoint high-risk or sensitive data to move, re-permission, or delete in-platform - and improve your security position by decommissioning out-of-date applications.


Reduce your legacy system maintenance costs now - and see long-term value as you use the Aiimi Insight Engine to decommission further end-of-life applications.


How RES scaled down their data centre during Azure cloud migration with the Aiimi Insight Engine

Our AI-powered solution enabled the renewable energy company to migrate its enriched legacy assets to one cloud-based Azure archive, scaling down their data centre and moving 5.7 terabytes of information out of 27 on-premises servers. After our Azure cloud migration, RES can now discover critical historic information, comply with regulations, and manage their data cost effectively.

Having delivered world-leading energy projects for more than 40 years, we understand the value of advanced technology and data capabilities for innovation and continuous improvement. The capabilities and potential of the Aiimi Insight Engine align with our ongoing transformation roadmap, which seeks to uncover and harness the true power and potential of advanced data and cloud technology.
Jonathan Payne, IT Director, RES