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Managed Services.

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Enable Managed Services

Take the stress out of maintaining your critical data, and your digital and content systems, through our application management services. Whether that’s service-level agreements, service outcomes, or fixed costs, we will help your business teams manage and deliver guaranteed outcomes.

Here to help

How we help your business.

Our managed services team supports your existing or recently implemented solutions using OpenText Content Server, eDOCS, or Microsoft SharePoint. We also fully support cloud-based services, hybrid, or private data centre installations.

Our UK-based service desk provides on-site and remote call-down support, and fully managed services from our or your cloud. Our Application Management & Monitoring (AMM) suite expertly monitors and alerts customers using OpenText Content Suite software. An ‘administrator in a box’ provides insight into user experience, performance, and problems with Content Server installation. It also supplies trend graphing for architecture and license capacity planning. This enables our team to enhance your existing network monitoring solutions, such as Azure Analytics, with application-specific information, and improve the resilience and reliability of your application.

Our Managed Services DevOps team works together with our technical support team to continually improve the solutions we manage on your behalf. In addition, our team:

  • Provides ongoing support with regular maintenance
  • Monitors and reports on problem areas
  • Reports on customer service-level agreements (if applicable)
  • Conducts customer satisfaction surveys
  • Monitors and reports on problem areas, trend analysis, and tracking
  • Measures and reports on customer satisfaction
Feeling the need for speed?

Want to go faster?

Our Service Accelerators are designed to get you to your destination faster and take you further. Each is underpinned by the Aiimi Insight Engine, creating a virtual data mesh that discovers and interconnects all information across your enterprise, giving you a comprehensive picture of your data universe and enabling you with actionable insights.

Here are the Service Accelerators available within our Managed Services offering.

Search & Discovery
Search for information across content and data sources alike. Speed up the process of finding the information you need to fuel your exploration activity.
Insight API
Empower the business and front-line staff with insights where they need them. Embed analytics information into front-end and mobile applications using our Insight API.
KBA Collections
Enable your support desk staff with the knowledge they need to be able to troubleshoot and fix issues. Crawl and index support desk tickets and knowledge base articles (KBAs), building custom searchable collections.
Data Catalogue
Build a catalogue of your data sources and enrich it with metadata - where it comes from, who owns it, who uses it, and what it looks like. An important tool and enabler in recognising data as an asset.
Network Diagram
Understand and visualise the relationships between the data assets within your information landscape. Recognise the dependencies and leverage the power of connected insight.
DSAR as a Service

Implement DSAR as a service by leveraging the personal data discovery and customised DSAR workflow within the Aiimi Insight Engine. Easily and securely share information with the subject using our disclosure portal.

FOI as a Service
Speed up your freedom of information (FOI) requests process with a robust enterprise search capability. Find information and create evidence collections ready to be reviewed.
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Matt Eustace

Head of Solution Engineering

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Charanjeet Matharu

Senior Consultant - Content

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Having worked with Aiimi to trial this software on two separate sets of calls, we can now take even deeper learning from our conversations with customers, which is fantastic news when it comes to developing our people and services to better meet their needs.

Claire Sharp
Customer Director

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