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Data Governance Strategy.

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Strategy Data Governance Strategy

Operationalising AI starts with good data governance - it's the framework for managing all enterprise data to your advantage. Done right, data governance strategy can be the enabler of operational efficiency, cost saving, and innovation.


Data governance strategy: putting you in control of your data.

Business decisions must be driven by data. But with data volumes increasing exponentially, how do you ensure your data governance can keep up and protect your business? Our experts build an agile, evolving data governance strategy that puts you in control of your data, without closing the door to innovation and new opportunities.

Data Quality

Poor quality data slows you down, creates risk, and blocks insight. High-quality data means better business outcomes, including valuable AI outputs.

Data Access

If your people can’t see your data, they can’t use it to make the right decisions. Giving the right people the right access means data can be used to your advantage.

Data Picture

When your data governance strategy has the entire data picture, it enables compliance, security, and trust in data-driven decisions. Automation enables this at scale.


Automate data governance, increase efficiency.

We believe data governance should be automated wherever possible. Your information landscape is changing so quickly, it’s impossible to keep up if you’re relying on manual processes. We use our enterprise AI technology and machine learning techniques, including Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Named Entity Recognition (NER), to spot patterns, extract and enrich the information with valuable metadata, so you can accurately and automatically govern at scale and at speed.


Why data governance strategy is critical to operationalising AI.

Adopt AI at scale.

For organisations who are serious about getting value from AI at scale, unlocking the benefits of data governance should be a parallel track that runs alongside plans to operationalise AI.

Get AI-ready data.

Well-governed data is AI-ready data; if data is well managed, classified and labelled, stored appropriately, and accessible with the right permissions, it can be discovered and used by AI. If it's not, AI simply cannot do its job.

Boost Data Quality.

AI can help you with data governance itself, too. With access to your entire data picture, AI-powered data governance can spot the gaps in your data and identify the unstructured information that can fill them – making your data more complete and therefore more valuable for AI use cases.


Our approach to your data governance strategy.

Any successful strategy needs to be tailored, targeted, and realistic. So it’s vital we understand your vision and business goals, look at your in-flight programs, and identify existing and potential challenges. We create a one-page strategy document that clearly and concisely communicates the agreed plan, along with a detailed roadmap, and use pilots to help you get buy-in from stakeholders and start releasing value as quickly as possible.


Simplifying data governance and migration for one of the UK’s largest pension providers.

Discover how NOW: Pensions unlocked three streams of business value through greater visibility and management of their data with the Aiimi Insight Engine.

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No-obligation Data Risk Assessment.

If you don’t know what you have, you can’t protect it. Identify your most urgent data risks and discover your biggest opportunities for automated data governance with a free Data Risk Assessment.


Get (and govern) your entire data picture.

With the Aiimi Insight Engine, your Data Governance is automated by evolving, AI-powered technologies – so you get speed and security.

Aiimi CEO Steve Salvin explains how leaders can achieve automated Data Governance at scale, when they have the entire data picture.


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