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We unlock the hidden value of your information.

We’re a creative tech company that specialises in AI and data.

We think differently, act quicker, and offer a better way to find and unlock deep meaning and intelligent insights from your information. Together, we will help you to combat your challenges and future-proof your business.

Three simple beliefs guide everything we do.

  • Treat data and content as equals to reveal hidden value.
  • Wherever possible, automate information governance to adopt a ‘privacy by design’ dynamic.
  • When designing information architecture, focus on the user experience to promote widespread adoption.

Built for business, our proprietary software platform – the Aiimi Insight Engine – brings these three values to your organisation. You already have the data you need – you just don’t know it. Our insight engine enables a machine learning data mesh to intuitively discover, enrich, and classify all data stored across your enterprise. You can now find the information you need, when you need it, with lightning-fast search.

Continually adapting to completely capture and interconnect all your content in context, the mesh allows you to operationalise your data and realise its true value. You can now migrate information with confidence – and turbo charge your data science with gold standard, de-risked data. An always-on privacy and compliance solution gives you the tools to rapidly respond to threats and safeguard your organisation.

Our data and information management services turn quick thinking into rapid prototyping, transform your great ideas into even better products and services, and put UX at the heart of your organisation. Our team will help you fast-track towards digital maturity with ease, speed, and accuracy. You can now make more strategic data-driven decisions, faster, and achieve your goals, quicker.

A trusted supplier to the UK Government, a member of the UK Water Partnership and a patron of the Institute of Asset Management, Aiimi is proud to work with some of the largest and most respected organisations in the UK, from manufacturing and engineering firms to financial services and utilities.

We can’t wait to work with you.

Turn your data into something breathtakingly useful.

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We're a down-to-earth bunch of experts. We don’t mince our words and we always give you the facts, plain and simple.

Thoroughly data-led

Our insights are driven by the latest technology, so managers can make precise, evidence-based decisions and stay ahead of the game.

People come first

Our solutions are intuitive and user-friendly, whether we’re building a machine learning model or creating a best practices strategy.

Experts across industries

We've worked with multinationals across the globe - so we know exactly how your industry works, and how to make you stand out.

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We hire relentlessly curious, innovative minds who aren't afraid to take the reins and ride.

Regardless of age, gender, ethnicity or disability, if you have the commitment to quality, we'd love to hear from you.

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