Explore Discover new data and digital opportunities, prove their value, and unlock your business potential.
Strategy Map out technology-driven strategies to forge your data-driven and digital-first future vision.
Transform Build strong data and digital foundations, strengthened by ML, AI, data science, and apps, to achieve your goals.
Enable Establish self-service analytics, citizen data science, and low-code/no-code platforms to support your business intelligence.
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We’re a creative tech company that specialises in AI and data.

We think differently, act quicker, and offer a better way to find and unlock deep meaning and intelligent insights from your information. Together, we will help you to combat your challenges and future-proof your business.

At Aiimi, we have three simple beliefs that guide everything we do.

Data and content should be treated the same.
Information governance needs to be automated where possible.
User experience design is a critical element in the design of information architecture.

We turn your data into something breathtakingly useful.

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We're a down-to-earth bunch of experts. We don’t mince our words and we always give you the facts, plain and simple.

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