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Data Foundations.

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Transform Data Foundations

Build a solid foundation for your data and information, control your data, uncover insight with ease, and make quick, agile, and responsive decisions. It’s key to enabling your data transformation.

Here to help

How we help your business.

We put in place data architectures, platforms, and governance, making it easier for your data analysts, data scientists, and wider workforce to explore and benefit from your data – and delivering your data strategy at speed.

By implementing new data platforms, our data foundation service brings your data strategy and roadmap to life. If you have an existing data platform, we’ll teach it some new tricks so you can achieve your data and business goals. Our technology platform architects work with you to design logical, conceptual, and physical architectures, before in-cloud or on-premises implementation.

Following an agile, user-centric approach, our data architects organise your data into data domains, subject areas, and data models. Our data engineering services work in an iterative way, building pipelines to fill your data warehouse, data lake, or data lakehouse with high-quality, trusted data. This provides your product teams with the solid foundation and confidence they need to build new data products and digital experiences for your business.

Feeling the need for speed?

Want to go faster?

Our Service Accelerators are designed to get you to your destination faster and take you further. Each is underpinned by the Aiimi Insight Engine, creating a virtual data mesh that discovers and interconnects all information across your enterprise, giving you a comprehensive picture of your data universe and enabling you with actionable insights.

Here are the Service Accelerators available within our Data Foundations offering.

Information Landscape Audit
Identify the key information systems within your organisation and build a view of data silos, to inform and guide your digital and data transformation.
Data Catalogue
Build a catalogue of your data sources and enrich it with metadata - where it comes from, who owns it, who uses it, and what it looks like. An important tool and enabler in recognising data as an asset.
Search API
Embed the power of search into mobile, web, and enterprise applications. Providing end users with the information they need within the systems they use daily, driving speed, efficiency, and quality.
Legacy Decommission
Speed up the decommissioning of your legacy ECM systems by automatically building an inventory and identifying redundancies.
Network Diagram
Understand and visualise the relationships between the data assets within your information landscape. Recognise the dependencies and leverage the power of connected insight.
Migration Engine
Use insights derived from source data to selectively migrate or archive content. Intelligent migrations help you perfect your Information Architecture, keep what you need, discard what you don’t, and preserve legacy information safely.
Data Science API
Power your data science models with data from within the Aiimi Insight Engine, using the Data Science API. Save time on finding the right trusted data sets and converting unstructured to structured data.
Unlock insight from unstructured and structured data sources alike. Provide analysts with the ability to search for and use the data sets they need to build analytics.
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Jeff Pollard - Principal Consultant - Data Engineer
Jeff Pollard

Principal Consultant - Data Engineer

Jack Lawton - Principal Consultant - Data Science Principal
Jack Lawton

Principal Consultant - Data Science

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Having worked with Aiimi to trial this software on two separate sets of calls, we can now take even deeper learning from our conversations with customers, which is fantastic news when it comes to developing our people and services to better meet their needs.

Claire Sharp
Customer Director

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