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the aiimi insight engine

Data Migration Software that's fast, secure, and accurate.

Unstructured data accounts for 90% of all enterprise data and its growth doubles each year. Built on the Aiimi Insight Engine, our Data Migration Software finds and audits everything, wherever it lives, identifying high-quality and sensitive information, and exposing redundant, obsolete or trivial (ROT) data. It interconnects and enriches your data to add structure and context, extracting hidden value and eradicating dispensable data before the migration, so you can streamline your archiving strategy and reduce storage costs.


The Aiimi Insight Engine connects to your source systems to continually crawl and index all new and stored data. Link redirection tools preserve existing links, so you get one central directory of optimised, real-time data.


The Aiimi Insight Engine audits all your data, working out what’s valuable and what’s not, and checking access permissions to mitigate risk. Migration and storage costs are lower, and your data is easier to manage and protect.


The Aiimi Insight Engine enriches your data with metadata, enabling smarter search and email classification, more efficient retention and records management, and simpler tiered storage and legacy decommissioning strategies.


The Aiimi Insight Engine sequentially collects data from your existing source systems, to store enriched versions in your destination systems. Aborted migrations activate repeat attempts or administrative alerts to swiftly resolve obstacles. A migration log records all activity for validation and accessible reference.


The Aiimi Insight Engine’s migration log facilitates link redirection. Integral links embedded in websites and documents are maintained when data is migrated to your destination content management systems.


The Aiimi Insight Engine labels, files, and secures documents migrated to your new destination systems based on the source system, document type, timestamp, and text content. Automation significantly reduces the number of manual hours needed to reorganise documents before or after data migration.


A better way to migrate your data and information.

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The Aiimi Insight Engine makes the most of your migration.

By adding metadata, our Data Migration Software maximises the value of your information during the migration process, while improving the end-user experience and delivering new insights directly to your employees. Metadata can be used to mitigate risk – for example, in lifecycle management, security classifications, or permissions on sensitive data – and to drive value, through collaboration, contextualisation, and process automation.


Replace manual process with automated data migration processes, for reduced reliance on services and lower service costs, along with savings made from optimised storage.


AI-powered risk management finds and audits personal and sensitive data to mitigate risk before migration, for data security, GDPR compliance, and archiving.


Connect to any destination system, including the Aiimi Insight Engine’s core connectors built to power Office 365 migration, SharePoint migration, Google Cloud Platform migration, and Azure database migration.


Dispose of ROT, simplify legacy filing structures, and store anything you want to keep but not migrate in Azure Blob. Keep existing links and permissions in place.


Enable your employees to configure your systems with ease, from our user-centric dashboard. Search is made intuitive and fast.


Enable efficient records management and accurate retention and disposal, with a clear, always-on picture of your information and its value.


How RES scaled down their data centre during Azure cloud migration with the Aiimi Insight Engine

RES (Renewable Energy Systems), the world’s largest independent renewable energy company, adopted Aiimi’s AI-powered Insight Engine for their Azure cloud migration, moving 5.7 terabytes of enriched legacy information to one cloud-based Azure archive. RES can now discover critical historic information, comply with regulations, and manage their data cost effectively.

Azure Cloud migration will enable RES to scale down its data centre requirements and, in the process, replace 27 on-premises servers from three geographies with one single, cloud-based node of the Aiimi Insight Engine.
Jonathan Payne, IT Director, RES
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