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data risk surface area

If you don't know what you have, you can't protect it.

Overexposed sensitive data increases your organisation's Data Risk surface area. Our Data Risk Assessment gives you insights you can act on to reduce risk, fast.

  • Volume and exposure of files containing Sensitive Data (PCI, PII)
  • Volume and exposure of Regulated Data (GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA)
  • Volume and exposure of your valuable Business Critical data
  • Quality of your Access Governance, including overexposed data
  • Stale, Duplicate, and ROT data levels
  • Your overall Data Privacy risk score
why choose Aiimi's data risk assessment?

Designed by privacy experts. Built for scale.

Targeted to your needs.

Whether you're worried about personal data in documents, or business-critical data on vulnerable legacy systems - we'll design your data risk assessment for maximum value.

Low impact on your systems.

Let us do all the heavy lifting. Our secure next-gen sensitive data discovery platform will index your systems with minimal fuss, generating valuable data insights in a matter of hours.

Actionable insights for leaders.

Measure your Sensitive Data, Data Access, and ROT data. Our Data Risk Assessment gives you specific priority actions and helps you build your long-term data governance business case.

Our customers

Trusted by the trusted.

For more than 10 years, we've been using data, digital, and AI to unlock competitive advantage for our customers across multiple industries.

“With more than 300,000 customers connected to our full fibre network, an efficient and scalable data risk mitigation posture is absolutely essential for Gigaclear. Aiimi clearly aligned with our data management needs and will future-proof Gigaclear as our growth journey continues to accelerate.”
Gordon Perry, CIO at Gigaclear
what you'll get

Download your sample Risk Assessment report today.

Discover exactly what you can expect from an Aiimi Data Privacy Risk Assessment. Download our sample report to see the insights you could unlock for your business.

how it works

What to expect from your Aiimi Data Risk Assessment.

Our free Data Risk Assessment takes you beyond securing your perimeter. We believe privacy leaders need to see their entire data picture, so they can protect their organisation from the inside. We'll get you started by identifying at-risk or overexposed data, so you can build digital trust with customers and protect your business-critical data.

Define your scope.

Our free data risk assessment is designed to give you the insights you need to start tackling the biggest challenge areas you're facing - from SharePoint to File Shares, Legacy Systems to Cloud archives.

Precisely categorise Sensitive Data.

Not all personal or sensitive data is made equal. Using Machine Learning and enrichment techniques, we precisely identify and categorise your sensitive data by type and risk level, so you can prioritise your data risk management.

Identify stale and ROT data.

Duplicates, unused, and worthless data shouldn't stick around. We'll help you spot where it lives, so you can clean up your data risk surface area.

Assess your Data Access controls.

Overexposed sensitive data leaves you vulnerable to breach. We'll assess how much of your sensitive data is open to all employees, before it gets into the hands of hackers.

Get confident about your Data Risk surface area.

We'll use our 10+ years of expertise to give you an overall Risk Score for your data, based on data exposure, sensitivity, and volume compared to industry benchmarks.

Tackle your Data Risk head on.

Our data risk assessment gives you detailed, actionable recommendations to tackle the biggest data privacy risks in your chosen environment.

define your scope

We'll connect to the sources that matter most to you.

start your free data risk assessment

Get started with your free Data Risk Assessment today.

Take the first step towards reducing your Data Risk surface area.

  1. Contact our team and we'll arrange a quick call to assess your needs and suitability.
  2. Define your scope and the value you want to see.
  3. We'll do the technical work - minimal-fuss for you.
  4. Get your free report.
  5. Start improving your Data Risk mitigation, today.