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Enable Establish self-service analytics, citizen data science, and low-code/no-code platforms to support your business intelligence.
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Digital Strategy Consulting.

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Strategy Digital Strategy Consulting

Your organisation’s future is digital. Our digital strategy consulting equips you with the vision, skills, technologies, and processes to drive a purposeful and practical transformation.


Future-proof your business with digital strategy consulting.

Transform your enterprise into a digitally enabled, digitally capable organisation, with an Aiimi digital strategy.

Our digital strategy experts give you the vision and the tools to create a culture of innovation in a technology-enabled environment – connecting your people, data, and assets with unrivalled digital experiences, and ultimately driving a more efficient, effective, and resilient business.

We bring digital strategy to life with interactive visual assets that are engaging and impactful, and our experts cover all bases – from User Experience, Data, and Technology, to People, Process, and Platforms, to Governance, Security, and Innovation.


Trusted by the trusted.

For more than 10 years, we've been using data, digital, and AI to unlock competitive advantage for our enterprise customers across multiple industries.


Digital strategy consulting: the outputs.

Whether you want to simplify processes, enable better collaboration, or grow into new markets, digital strategy holds the answer. Our consultants build a bespoke strategy for your business and identify your best digital use cases, so you can get stakeholder buy-in and start releasing value sooner.

Your complete digital journey

Our services span your entire digital transformation, whether you need support getting started with digital or want to ensure you’re digitally equipped for AI adoption.


Setting the context for your future digital strategy work.


Understanding your current landscape and appetite for digital strategy.

Strategy Development

Creating the tools needed for digital transformation.


Ensuring readiness for digital strategy implementation.


Driving continuous improvement and digital maturity.


A vision for digital.

Like any change, digital transformation can be daunting. With 10+ years’ experience in delivering digital expertise across utilities, finance, manufacturing, government, telecoms, and engineering, including several FTSE 100 businesses, our experts are skilled in understanding your people and ensuring digital is embraced by all.

  • Clear, consistent direction of travel for your enterprise-wide digital capabilities.
  • Visual representations to engage all stakeholders with clear benefits and opportunities.
  • Focus on culture and ways of working to put users at the heart of the transformation.

Find out more about how we bring our digital services to life. 

We create a roadmap based on user experiences and real use cases – because when everyone knows what the next step is, it’s easier to make progress. By understanding your unique and complex challenges, we ensure digital plans are realistic, practical, and pragmatic.

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Automate and simplify technical processes. Build low-code/no-code digital products and create unrivalled experiences for your end users. Increase the value of your core business processes. Work iteratively to evolve with your changing business needs.

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We map out your entire end-to-end user experience, alongside all the elements of your business that support this journey, to construct a complete overview of your user experience, spotting pain points and opportunities for improvement.

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Four Dimensions of Change: How CIOs can integrate tech, data, people, and processes.

We explore how digital transformation can redress the balance between conflicting needs, with insights from enterprise CIOs and digital leaders.


How to bring the entire data picture to your digital workplace solution.


Straight-talking, value-driven experts in digital, data, and AI.


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Book your free 'Ask The Expert' session and let our digital strategy consulting team answer your questions about transforming your business with digital.

  1. Book a next-day 'Ask The Expert' call with an Aiimi strategy expert.
  2. Discuss your digital goals, your progress so far, and your biggest concerns and questions.
  3. In just 30 mins, get practical answers on how digital can transform your business.
  4. Take the next step with one of our fast-start engagements, and take a tour of our AI-powered Insight Engine.