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A new era

How is the role of Information Leader changing?

The modern CIO or Information Leader is more than a technical expert. Being a good IT service delivery partner isn’t enough - you're a trusted advisor to the CEO, a workforce enabler, an innovation champion, and protector of the bottom-line.

Our expertly curated content will help you take up this business-shaping opportunity. Dive into research, interviews, and thought leadership from the worlds of digital and data strategy, information security, compliance, IT infrastructure, and AI innovation.

Practical advice. CIO success stories. Thought leadership.

Generative AI – Is your business ready?

It's the question at the top of every CEO's agenda right now - and information leaders are in the hot seat to provide the answer. Get informed and make the right decision for your business with our balanced, expert thought leadership.

featured article

The rise (and risks) of Edge AI

With everyday apps all rushing to launch their own AI widget or LLM integration, the risks of edge AI are on the rise and rapidly creating a complex enterprise AI landscape – leaving users and business leaders overwhelmed as they try to work out the best (and safest) next step. Here's our advice to stay ahead of the pack.

featured article

Where to use Extractive AI vs. Generative AI for enterprise.

When should you use generative AI and when might extractive AI be a better option? Both can be used in tandem with natural language search using a Q&A format, so it’s really all about selecting the best fit for your business use case. In this blog, we’ll share the main pros and cons of each AI technique, so you can bring a balanced view to business leaders and colleagues.

featured article

Llama 2 for business: A ground breaking large language model

Have you considered Llama 2 for business use cases? CTO Paul Maker explains why this new large language model has launched a step-change in the safe adoption of generative AI for business.

featured article

Why I'm advising businesses not to use ChatGPT – and what to do instead.

Generative AI can create flexible summaries, answer questions, and spin brand-new content – everything from customer insights to new product designs. But it is fallible. And riddled with privacy issues.

CEO Steve Salvin shares why he's advising organisations to hold back from using ChatGPT with their enterprise data, and how to maximise the value of private Large Language Models instead.

How to unite tech and business needs

In the modern enterprise, tech, data, people, and process can’t be separated – they intertwine and overlap – and though they aren’t all owned by IT, the CIO is well positioned to ensure they come together in a way that ensures success. Here's our advice to do just that.

featured article

Four dimensions of change: how CIOs can integrate tech, data, people, and process.

Are you struggling to become more user-centric and influential in securing investment for innovative technologies that go beyond IT delivery? We explore how to get the balance between IT and Business functions just right, featuring insights from enterprise CIOs and info leaders like Terry Hegarty, Principal Data Consultant and former Head of Digital Capability & Innovation at Rolls-Royce Defence.

“The biggest cost centre of the organisation is technology... let’s really bring that up strategically to the forefront and say ‘technology is reshaping our business’. And if technology is really changing the way we work, it must be a board-level issue and we must be clear on how we invest and what we invest in.”
Gary Delooze, CIO at Nationwide
featured article

How CIOs can answer the call to shape business strategy – by choosing the right tech.

CIOs are in the hotseat to guide their CEOs through the maze of new technology and land on the innovations that will genuinely transform how their business operates. Aiimi CEO Steve Salvin explores where to place your bets to maximise results and avoid technology lock in.


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Securing your strategic tech investments

Explore the tech fundamentals that are key to making data and information more valuable to your business – from AI that brings the worlds of data and content together, to automated governance and InfoSec, to stellar user experiences.

featured article

Metadata: How to remain competitive in a data-driven world

Find out how metadata increases the value of data across your business and keeps you competitive in data-driven world.

free guide download

The Insight Opportunity: Uncovering the next generation of information intelligence.

We spend at least 25% of our time searching for information at work – plus almost the same again recreating what we can’t find. But often raw information isn’t even what knowledge workers really need. Your employees need intelligent insights, gleaned from interconnecting the information they already know about – and the information they don’t – if they’re going to maximise their potential to innovate. Traditional search technology can’t deliver these results, but automated insight technology will.

Our guide shows smart CIOs what the next generation of information intelligence looks like – and how to get there.

“We need to harness the power of data. We need to leverage technology to give us an edge on the circuit, whether that’s from a simulation and design perspective or in terms of establishing what trends the data is showing us. It’s all about anticipating the future based on the data that we’ve already got.”
Clare Lansley, CIO at Aston Martin Formula One
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