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How to bring the entire data picture to your digital workplace solution.

We sat down with Aiimi CEO Steve Salvin to talk about the how enterprises can uncover their entire data picture with the Aiimi Insight Engine and experience a digital workplace solution that benefits both customers and employees.

What is the Aiimi Insight Engine?

The big idea behind the Aiimi Insight Engine came together when we recognised that organisations have hundreds, if not thousands, of corporate systems. And if we could connect them all together, then what a valuable asset it would be to help drive transformation and value for businesses. We wanted to create a sat nav-style system for enterprise information; something that would allow users to get from A to B in a faster and smarter way, giving them all the real-time and accurate information they needed to do their jobs, with a cool UX.

Why should insight engines be at the core of a digital workplace solution?

In a digital-first, data-driven world, businesses require an insight engine to go beyond search and deliver relevant insights, driven by AI and machine learning. Aiimi’s AI-powered Insight Engine discovers what’s in each system, whether it’s structured or unstructured data, and enriches it with powerful labels to describe and classify the information in a consistent way, interconnecting it all so the information can flow across the enterprise. With an insight engine reaching across the entire data picture, enterprises can experience a digital workplace solution that increases productivity and accelerates innovation.

How can information leaders get data insights at enterprise scale?

We want CIOs to accept nothing less than their entire data picture. If the information exists, no matter where it's stored, or what format it's in, or what it's called, if people are entitled to see it, we want them to be able to find it and reuse it. I use a sat nav (Waze) when I come to work. I don’t use it for directions, but it gives me information on events that I’m not aware of, like congestion or a closed road. And it helps me find the best possible route to get to work.

The Aiimi Insight Engine works in a similar way; It helps employees find the answers they’re looking for faster, and it also delivers new insights and things that previously were impossible to see across the enterprise. We use the Aiimi Insight Engine to build a live data mesh that is formed by discovering and enriching information from all your data and content repositories. Through this, the data mesh becomes a very valuable data asset in its own right; one that drives new digital experiences, enabling data architects to create more complete data models, insight teams to extend their analytical reach, and data scientists to productionise new machine learning models in areas like predictive analytics. An insight engine can act as the powerhouse behind a successful digital workplace solution for employees.

The Aiimi Insight Engine has lots of out-of-the-box connectors that allow you to connect and enrich your most widely used systems. We’ve got a roadmap of new connectors coming along and an API that allows our customers to build their own custom connectors. This means they can incrementally build their entire data picture, prioritised by those systems that create the most value.

Not all insight engines are the same; while most insight engines focus on a particular technology stack or supplier ecosystem, Aiimi’s is agnostic, so it doesn’t matter which platforms or operating systems an organisation uses. It’s also really important to us that information stays in the system of record; these are the best-of-breed solutions your teams have chosen on the strength of their capabilities. So, we don’t move an organisation’s data or information out of these systems into our own product – we leave everything in situ.

Why should enterprises use the Aiimi Insight Engine?

Data is the lifeblood of your organisation. Used properly, it can become your most valuable asset, empowering every area of your business to achieve greater outcomes, drive opportunities, and avoid failures. As smart leaders demand more from their data and systems—more visibility, more efficiency, and more insight in the hands of their employees—there's a growing demand for digital workplace solutions to embed innovative technologies, like an insights engine, to deliver data insights at enterprise scale.

Those companies that use an insights engine to get data insights will have access to their entire data picture; they will be able to harness AI that recommends interventions and achieve the best possible outcomes for their customers and employees. They'll also be able to ask questions and get answers that other companies will find impossible to see.

Learn more about Aiimi Insight Engine and how it can help you bring secure enterprise AI to your digital workplace.