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How Anglian Water battled Beast From The East... and won

Our data-led solution raised our client to #1 in an OFWAT survey

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Client Overview

Anglian Water


The Challenge

In March 2018, Beast From The East hit the UK. During that time we experienced temperatures of -6C for several days, followed by +8C shortly afterwards.

These fluctuations caused pipes to leak and freeze, leading to a disruption in supply and wasted water. In the run-up to the storm, Anglian Water approached the data science team at Aiimi urgently asking for help. Using all the data available, we had to quickly design and implement a tactical solution that would enable Anglian Water to maintain a good level of service through the storm.

Our Solution

In four days we built a live solution, getting fifteen minute updates from all storage points up and down the country.

We displayed this information in an interactive dashboard that allowed us to understand the risks, historical water levels, and which customers were most likely to be affected by the storm. We also created a predictive model that allowed us to look a few days ahead and know in advance which storage points were most likely to empty first. This tactical solution meant we could create insights that led to action very quickly, as well as use the limited resources we had to help the most urgent areas. The live solution we worked on ensured that there were no interruptions to supply during the storm.

The Results

An OFWAT survey found that Anglian Water had dramatically outperformed all other water companies on the market thanks to this system.

The results were so impressive that they were cited in Parliament as an example for other water companies to follow. This solution was then re-used for the hot weather drought we had over the summer in a separate project.

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