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Eliminating ten major GDPR risks for a client over a three month period for Aquila

Over a three month period, ten high risks were reduced to low or removed completely from the register.

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The Challenge

Aquila was responsible for delivering a £1.5bn Ministry of Defense contract to transform military air traffic management across all MOD operated sites.

In March 2018 they were aware they needed to prepare for GDPR, but were uncertain what PII risks they had, or what steps they needed to ensure they were managing personal data of employees and suppliers correctly.

Our Solution

Aiimi ran a data discovery exercise to determine the level of risk Aquila faced regarding PII, and catalogued these in a risk matrix in order to develop mitigating actions.

We then worked collaboratively with Aquila’s Information & Security Manager to assign ownership to each risk and create an action plan. Alongside this, we created guidelines to update existing information policies, multi-media communication artefacts to raise staff awareness, an Employee Privacy Statement and a Data Controller’s Register.

The Results

By the end of the discovery exercise, we found fourteen risks that were classified as “high.”

Over a three month period, ten of those were reduced to low risk or removed completely from the register. Aquila now has a library of information policies and registers to support their employees in understanding how they should collect, use, store and either delete or archive information according to their business classification.

They also now have an Employee Data Privacy statement that outlines Aquila’s commitment to new employees regarding how their personal data will be treated. Creating these communication artefacts and running workshops with different stakeholders has meant that Aquila is much more GDPR conscious

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