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enterprise ai

AI for enterprise success.

The Aiimi Insight Engine is an enterprise AI platform that understands who you are and what you need, so it can pinpoint the information that will provide the right answers and insights. It selects the right AI model to process the information, for the specific outcome you need. And it provides complete explainability across everything, so you can see how AI got to the answer.

All of this is only possible because our enterprise AI platform gives you the entire data picture.

Discover, classify, and interconnect everything. 
Get the answers to your biggest business questions. 
Turn information into answers, automate processes, and realise new opportunities with our secure enterprise AI platform.
Connecting people to insight

An enterprise AI platform that delivers value in seconds.

Your goal isn’t to spend time searching or finding – it’s to know the information and get the right outcome. And when it comes to AI for the enterprise, AI is only as good as the data you give it, so data quality has never mattered more.

  • The Aiimi Insight Engine makes information retrieval a seamless step in the journey to the right outcome, whether that AI process is user-driven or automated.
  • Our enterprise AI platform understands each and every user, so it can select the discovery mechanisms that best match their intent and context.
  • This is all enabled by the Aiimi Insight Engine's powerful data mesh, which interconnects and enriches your entire data landscape. Duplicates and worthless data are filtered out, so you're only pointing AI at the good stuff.
  • And the Aiimi Insight Engine respects all source permissions when returning results, so your enterprise data stays secure.
Multi-model AI

A multi-model approach to AI for the enterprise.

Adopting AI for the enterprise can be costly if you get it wrong. And new models are created every day – each one faster, smaller, cheaper, and smarter than the last.

  • The Aiimi Insight Engine gets AI right by selecting the best-fit model for each user on-demand - balancing cost, carbon impact, security, time, and efficacy - so you can scale AI-powered answers to every team.
  • Our enterprise AI platform automatically improves user prompts to better reflect intent, so you don't have to be a prompt engineer to get the best results.
  • Our multi-model approach brings together the latest in opensource, foundational, and private Large Language Models, so you can make the most of AI's rapidly evolving capabilities.
trust every decision

Explainable AI for the enterprise.

When using an enterprise AI platform to make decisions, create content for customers, or give teams new insights, you can't cut corners with security and explainability.

  • The Aiimi Insight Engine's built-in AI & Data Governance toolkit gives you complete control, so you know exactly how and why AI is operating in your business.
  • Track and trace every user interaction with AI. Monitor for bias and toxicity across all AI-generated content. Auto-verify AI-generated answers with full traceability and data lineage.
  • Get total transparency on what's happening under the hood of our secure enterprise AI platform, whether you need it in the moment, downstream, or for future audit and compliance purposes.
aiimi data mesh

AI solutions, powered by the interconnected enterprise.

AI is only as good as what it can see, so the best enterprise AI platform needs the entire data picture. Aiimi CEO Steve Salvin explains how leaders can get ahead - by demanding their complete interconnected data view using Aiimi's data mesh approach.


Bring our powerful enterprise AI platform to every corner of your business. 

AI-enable your people so they can solve the biggest challenges facing your organisation. Our enterprise AI platform is built for your business and IT leaders alike.

Use this demo to watch AI document summarisation in action, or choose another business use case from the list below.

Explore business use cases.

Take a chatbot approach to querying your internal data.

For example, an HR manager could use the Aiimi Insight Engine to summarise an employee's performance reviews from the past 24 months.

The Aiimi Insight Engine understands the user's context and your organisation's vocabulary, so a field engineer could ask 'What is the process for winterising ZT-500 transformers at this substation?'

Interrogate policies and automate review processes with secure, accountable AI. For example, you could ask the Aiimi Insight Engine:

  • 'Does this contract comply with my organisation's procurement policy?'

  • 'Are there any potential legal risks associated with our upcoming employee data privacy policy changes?'

Beyond customer-facing chatbots and AI-enabled knowledge bases, the Aiimi Insight Engine can:

  • 'Automate routine work, like drafting customer communications in response to incidents and checking them for compliance with your policies etc.
  • Spot patterns in customer interactions by creating feedback loops to capture and analyse data.
  • Support service agents by rapidly surfacing knowledge.

Black-box thinking uses existing data to model 'what if' scenarios, to inform planning and course correction.

For example, the Aiimi Insight Engine could spot patterns in client payment delays over 6 months and suggest billing adjustments to remedy this.

Automate the process of researching, collating, and condensing vast amounts of information into a usable format, for use in decision-making.

For example, you could ask the Aiimi Insight Engine to look into existing research, publications, and recommendations around Net Zero, to find the most important pieces of insight and present them in a format that's easy to use and share.

gold-standard data

Train, tune, and operationalise AI with only the best data.

With the Aiimi Insight Engine, high-quality datasets are at your fingertips. Discover relevant business data across all sources, classify and enrich everything, and automatically remove low-quality data or anonymise sensitive personal data. Ready to plug in and play with private or open source AI models.


Not sure where AI can make the biggest impact in your business? 


Trusted by the trusted.

For more than 10 years, we've been using data, digital, and AI to unlock competitive advantage for our customers across multiple industries.


How Aiimi's enterprise AI platform delivers mission-critical insights to a government department.

For a team of analysts within a central government department, the ability to access accurate information summaries, combining data from multiple sources, is the key to supplying timely, precise briefings to the government and public alike. Find out how our enterprise AI platform connects them to the answers they need.

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