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Creating a targeted Vision and Charter to support data management.

Committing to a new Vision and Charter has helped unify the company when it comes to managing, securing, and getting real value from its data and information.
The Challenge
Thales had multiple data projects running throughout the business with limited information sharing. The data management team wanted to provide a framework for disparate data projects, so all information in the company could be aligned.
Our Solution
Aiimi worked with the data management team to create a new set of commitments for Thales. This was done through a series of workshops where they articulated their vision for the future of data and its value within the organisation. The workshops were also used to make data owners and users aware of how to store information securely.
The Results
The Vision and Charter commitments helped unify the company as a whole when it came to managing and keeping data secure. It created a greater awareness of the value of its data, ensured everyone understood who owned which pieces of data, and how each piece of information was shared across the organisation.