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Capturing and classifying data to save £700K and improve ROI by 2,500%.

In just four weeks, we identified 30% misclassifications in their customer call sample. This enabled Northumbrian Water to significantly reduce its financial expenditure and improve its customer service.
The Challenge
Northumbrian Water had around two million telephone conversations with customers every year, at an average length of twelve minutes. The volume of calls was so large that call handlers couldn’t manually capture all the information, and misclassified incidents that led to financial loss and a missed regulatory target.
Our Solution
Aiimi piloted a new software, which analysed thousands of phone calls classified as queries or complaints. It extracted and classified information from Northumbrian Water customers, so we could present the business with a prioritised hit list of suspected incidents to act on.
The Results
In four weeks, we identified 30% misclassifications in the sample, which enabled Northumbrian Water to reduce their financial expenditure by around £700,000, giving them a ROI of 2,500%.

We repeated this process for a second problem area, and achieved a hit rate of 65% misclassifications and further significant ROI. As Claire Sharp, Customer Director at Northumbrian Water, said: “Having worked with Aiimi to trial this software on two separate sets of calls, we can now take even deeper learning from our conversations with customers, which is fantastic news when it comes to developing our people and services to better meet their needs.”