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Transforming data during enriched migration with the Aiimi Insight Engine.

Our AI-powered solution enables the renewable energy company to migrate its enriched legacy assets to one cloud-based Azure archive. RES can now discover critical historic information, comply with regulations, and manage its data.
RES adopts the Aiimi Insight Engine to deliver data transformation through migration

RES (Renewable Energy Systems), the world’s largest independent renewable energy company, has selected Aiimi’s AI-powered data platform, the Aiimi Insight Engine, to make 5.7 terabytes of critical historical data easily discoverable and migrate the information to an Azure-hosted archive.



Having delivered world-leading energy projects for more than 40 years, we understand the value of advanced technology and data capabilities for innovation and continuous improvement. The capabilities and potential of the Aiimi Insight Engine align with our ongoing transformation roadmap, which seeks to uncover and harness the true power and potential of advanced data and cloud technology.

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