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Unlocking Intelligent Insights in an Increasingly Regulated World.

A guide for DPOs and legal practitioners looking to safeguard their organisation against tomorrow’s regulatory and compliance challenges by harnessing the power of AI.


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As we continue to adapt to new ways of living and working as a result of the last year, organisations face an array of complex and time-consuming challenges across the business landscape. From advancements in cybercrime to increased regulatory measures and an isolated workforce that looks likely to remain remote. Understanding these issues is critical to ensuring there are plans in place to address them.

This is why at Aiimi we’ve surveyed the upcoming business terrain, mapped the potential pitfalls, and developed this guide to help you negotiate the territory.


Data is all around us. But we’re not making the most of it.

Inside you’ll find up-to-date information around upcoming changes to regulation and compliance, cybersecurity, and the many facets of remote working. But it’s no use being forewarned if you’re not forearmed, so we also explore the solutions that advancements in AI and machine learning are generating.

Download the guide now to discover how insight is set to define the future of your business, ensuring you remain as innovative and adaptable as you are compliant and secure.

Data has the power to shape our world. It’s up to us to improve our data.


Here’s what you’ll find inside this guide.

Download our guide to find out more.

Executive Summary.

The first thing you will need to do is assemble your stakeholders. These are the members of your business who interact with the current process and will stand to benefit from the proposed solution...



One of the many things that the last year has brought to the forefront of public attention is the importance of data and how it can affect our lives — especially when it’s organised and interpreted inefficiently...


The Challenges ahead for UK Businesses.

According to a Government survey3, four in ten businesses (39%) and a quarter of charities (26%) faced cyber security breaches or attacks in the 12 months to March 2021...


Under Pressure: The Impact on Ethics and Compliance Teams.

Much of the impact born from these regulatory and compliance challenges will fall heavily on ethics and compliance teams. As the individuals responsible for protecting their businesses, they’ll take on the lion’s share of the critical work necessary to respond to this new landscape.


The Solution to Regulatory Headaches.

Most organisations digitise documentation, but they struggle to turn data into meaningful information. The reason is that technology solutions have too often focused on simply how to store the data rather than how to use it effectively...


Intelligent Insights into a Regulated World.

In a world in which data-driven decisions have been shown to literally make the difference between life and death. It’s now more important what we do with it, rather than simple accumulation for its own sake...

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