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Putting information in your hands

We respect the power of information and seek to nurture this by creating delight and possibility for employees and customers.

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    03 Oct 2016

    Reaching Outside the Square Mile

    Aiimi intends to go on trying to make a difference in our community with our participation in Generation Code along with UKYouth, and all our other CSR activities that are yet to take place.

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    09 Aug 2016

    Key elements to an effective incident reporting solution

    In order for the correct action to be taken on an incident in the workplace, it is vital that all of the necessary information is collected at the source.

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    04 Jul 2016

    UK Youth – Gala Dinner 2016

    What do paintballing, a private suite at the Nutcracker, Daniel Ricciardo’s Formula 1 shirt, and a pair of Muhammed Ali’s boxing shorts have in common?