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Enable Establish self-service analytics, citizen data science, and low-code/no-code platforms to support your business intelligence.
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the situation

Adopting AI at scale is tough.

62% of leaders don't think their current use of AI differentiates them from their competitors. Early movers have the chance to get ahead.

But when information is fragmented or siloed, you can't get to the answers you need for enterprise decision making.

Every information leader is under pressure to bring AI to their business.
But your business is a complicated place. And information governance isn't easy.
The bottom line? AI-powered solutions are only as good as the data you feed in.

The answer? Building a foundational AI Strategy that unlocks immediate and long-term opportunities.

Aiimi's expert AI strategy consulting can help.

get to your answer

Go beyond AI experiments. Accelerate AI adoption.

Let us help you define your future vision and get you to your goals faster, smarter - with AI strategy consulting.

Automate strong data foundations.

Garbage in, garbage out. Good data is the key to successful AI adoption at scale - and it's almost certainly where your competitors are falling down. We accelerate your data quality with our AI-powered technology first, so value follows fast.

Knock down barriers to change.

Our initial AI Maturity Assessment is built to rapidly identify any weaknesses and blockers. With experienced AI strategy consultants and data leadership, our fresh perspective uncovers the capabilities you need to succeed.

Take action. Make impact.

Strategies that sit gathering dust are a waste of time - and your money. By focusing on pilot AI use cases from the get-go and building strong data foundations, you'll realise value incrementally as your AI strategy develops.

ai strategy consulting

Set your vision. Align your teams. Take action.

Discover how our AI strategy consulting offers work to define your outcome goals, identify use cases for maximum impact, and put in place the right capabilities to deliver on your AI ambitions.

  • Why create an AI Strategy? - building blocks for data and AI success
  • Our Delivery Model - how we take you from early ambitions to repeatable results
  • Accelerating success - we'll join you at any point in your journey
AI productivity opportunities

5 areas ready for an AI fast start.

We know high-value quick wins and AI pilot projects matter - so here are 5 critical areas where you can deliver outcomes today.

AI Document Summarisation

Secure generative AI powered by private LLMs can create summaries of your documents, event data sets, and transcriptions of conversations - delivering clear insights to the hands of your employees, faster.

Q&A with Generative AI

Generative AI and Extractive AI can quickly deliver the answers to your employees' biggest questions - give AI high-quality data and let it give you the answers you need.

AI Task Automation

AI can create rich text and chart-based reports, presentations, and communications. Automate your manual tasks, boost productivity, and promote knowledge-sharing in your teams.

AI 'Sparring Partner'

Smart AI can test, validate, and help you create better content. Ask questions like 'Is this document subjective or objective?' or 'How can I improve this email to customers about a recent incident?'.

Black Box Thinking

Imagine if at the end of every project or event AI could create a summary of what's happened – you'll build a powerful data set to train your models to spot patterns leading to good or bad outcomes, and make AI-powered predictions to mitigate future risks.

aiimi insight engine

Generative AI in action: Smart Document Summaries.

data governance consulting

Stay safe as you adopt AI.

Realise the opportunities of AI safely and securely. We'll help you establish your data risk level, introduce guardrails, and automate data governance, so teams can get access to the information they need to do their jobs - and AI adoption can continue at pace.

  • Protect your most valuable data - We'll use our Insight Engine technology to assess your current data access governance risk and help you remove or move overexposed or sensitive data at risk of breach.
  • Commit to data quality - Our expert data engineers will help you build data pipelines to feed your AI initiatives with high-quality information.
  • Support your people - Our AI strategy consulting is designed to manage the changes affecting your teams, put in place guidance that sticks, and create next-gen in-house AI tools that make Shadow AI a thing of the past.
Without Aiimi’s knowledge, guidance, and leadership driving our strategies, we simply wouldn’t have realised our goals. I can honestly say that the quality of our data strategy with Aiimi means that even several years on it still guides our development.
Matt Edwards, Chief Data Officer at Anglian Water
our customers

Trusted by the trusted.

We've indexed and protected billions of files and data for our customers.

expert views

The rise (and risks) of Edge AI.

With everyday apps all rushing to launch their own AI widget or LLM integration, the risks of edge AI are on the rise and rapidly creating a complex enterprise AI landscape.

data foundations matter

Got your entire data picture? You'll get ahead with AI.

Aiimi CEO Steve Salvin explores why organisations need to understand their entire data picture if they want to maximise their use of AI, spot new competitive opportunities, and keep their data and their employees safe.

expert views

Llama 2 for business: our thoughts on the ground-breaking new large language model

Is this new LLM the key to unlocking secure, enterprise AI at scale? CTO Paul Maker explores.

AI Strategy Consulting - FAQs

Trying to adopt AI at true enterprise scale is tough without a strategy - and without strong data foundations. It leaves you open to data loss, ethical missteps, and missed opportunities to create value. AI is going to be adopted by your employees either way, so setting out the rules of the game is key to ensure positive results and avoid the risks of Edge AI.

Our AI strategy consulting always aligns closely to your business strategy and goals, so value is always at the centre of our collective thinking. Plus, with our agile delivery model and prioritised use case identification, we deliver value right now and in the long term.

We're an experienced, agile team of expert AI consultants. Aiimi are already delivering AI strategy consulting right now for leading UK manufacturers, engineering firms, and government departments.

Our approach identifies your fastest route to success, giving you quick wins alongside a roadmap and the foundations to achieve your long-term goal with AI.

No more wading through stuffy strategy documents, we use interactive assets, visualisations, and our Signature 'Strategy on a Page' as part of an agile delivery approach, always proving value as we go.

We follow Agile delivery to ensure you see results as soon as possible. In a matter of weeks, we'll have you up and running with targeted AI use cases and pilot projects to prove value - alongside identifying the delta between your current state of play and the required maturity level to maximise AI adoption.

So are we. It's the first step we take with all of our customers - understanding your biggest AI fears and helping you understand the risks. There's plenty of ways to derisk AI adoption at scale, from the benefits of data governance, to smart policies and user experience, to the AI models you choose and how you apply them. Our qualified teams always apply the latest thinking in AI ethics to support your business.

We've been helping customers navigate changing data and digital landscapes for over 10 years. Our data and AI experts understand how to work with complex structured and unstructured data. We're constantly innovating and deploying the latest LLMs within our proprietary technology, Aiimi Insight Engine, to remove the guesswork for our customers.

ask the experts

AI curious? Book a free 1-1 'Ask The Expert' session.

Book your free 'Ask The Expert' session and let our AI strategy consulting team answer your urgent questions about adopting AI at enterprise scale. Security, cost, change management - ask us anything.

  1. Book a next-day 'Ask The Expert' call with an Aiimi strategy expert.
  2. Discuss your AI and data goals, your progress so far, and your biggest concerns and questions.
  3. In just 30 mins, get practical answers on AI security, costs, ethics, and enterprise adoption.
  4. Take the next step with our AI Readiness Assessment, including a tour of our AI-powered Insight Engine.