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Experience data discovery in seconds - no matter how complex your estate.

Built on the Aiimi Insight Engine, our PII data discovery tools quickly and securely find, protect, and audit employee and customer personal data across all systems.

Automatically discover & classify sensitive data
Find personal data on-demand
Handle all data requests, fast
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See enterprise-ready Data Discovery in action.

Handle all DSARS with confidence and speed. Our platform combines comprehensive eDiscovery with automated workflow management, making Aiimi Insight Engine your trusted FOI and DSAR solution.

our customers

Trusted by the trusted.

We've indexed and protected billions of files and data for our customers.

The Aiimi Insight Engine will help us to reduce time spent searching for information spread across our systems and give us assurance we're meeting security and compliance requirements.
Richard Stirland, Asset Data Team Manager, Anglian Water’s @one Alliance
how to manage dsars - the guide

Managing DSARs – Are you adopting the right approach?.

Data Subject Access Requests (DSARs) come in all shapes and sizes - just like every business and its data sources. With DSAR requests rising year on year, can you manage your DSARs manually, or does your situation demand data discovery tools? Unpack your options in this free guide.

Managing DSARs are you adopting the right approach Aiimi guide thumbnail
how it works

All-in-one Data Classification, eDiscovery, and DSAR Automation solution.

We don't believe in complex pricing or add-ons. Our Data Privacy & Compliance Solution classifies sensitive data and manages its risk, so you're able to effectively handle all employee and customer data requests with lightning-fast Data Discovery.

Full coverage across Cloud and on-premises

Any personal Data Discovery software worth its salt has to give you the entire data picture. Aiimi Insight Engine connects to all sources and data repositories, from on-premises servers and file shares, to Cloud drives and email providers.

All data types handled & secured

Classify all documents and data, no matter where it lives. Beyond keyword search, Aiimi's PII discovery tools scan your structured and unstructured data, pinpointing all personal data in emails, PDFs, spreadsheets, and more.

Dynamic & up-to-date index

Stay in sync with your evolving data universe for always-on compliance. You get your complete sensitive data picture, with dashboards delivering on-demand privacy insights and accurate sensitive data discovery in seconds.

Reduce your Data Risk surface area

The Aiimi Insight Engine gives you the tools to take corrective action. Move, delete, and quarantine overexposed sensitive data - protecting your enterprise, always.

Total DSAR management

DSARs are on the rise, and getting ever more complex. Our Data Discovery solution combines DSAR workflow tools to help you build data collections, auto-redact sensitive data, and securely communicate with data subjects via our 2-way portal.

Designed for business users

Data Discovery is simple for every compliance team member. Get centralised search, receive results in seconds, and start building data collections for all eDiscovery and DSAR needs.


Ready to get started? Schedule your Data Discovery & DSAR product tour.

Book your 1:1 product demo to learn how the Aiimi Insight Engine finds, protects, and handles all personal data with ease to reduce your data risk.

With more than 300,000 customers connected to our full fibre network, efficient and scalable data risk mitigation is absolutely essential for Gigaclear. Aiimi will future-proof Gigaclear as our growth journey continues to accelerate.
Gordon Perry, CIO at Gigaclear

Frequently Asked Questions

We believe organisations who are serious about managing risk and unlocking their data potential should accept nothing less than their entire data picture. So, any Data Privacy & DSAR Automation solution should have data discovery at its core. In today's market, it's hard to find providers offering true data discovery at speed and enterprise scale. The Aiimi Insight Engine delivers eDiscovery to your users alongside a full suite of Privacy Automation tools.

We price based on the size of your organisation and data requirements. We don't price by number of users, and you won't need to buy any add-ons to access all Data Privacy & Compliance Solution features, including Data Discovery and DSAR Automation.

No - our expert product services team will do all the heavy-lifting. We'll take your team through any infrastructure requirements upfront during our initial scoping call.

We recommend booking a full product tour and demo to see the Aiimi Insight Engine in action first. Our experts will discuss your needs and talk through your best options for a PoC or implementation.

We're proud to be one of the only eDiscovery and Data Classification vendors who can get you up and running in a matter of days.

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Schedule your personalised Data Discovery & DSAR Automation demo.

Book your 1:1 product demo to find out how the Aiimi Insight Engine will help you find and protect sensitive data, handle data requests with ease, and reduce your data risk.