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Meet Bell, the latest release of the Aiimi Insight Engine.

by Clare Williams

With the new release of our Insight Engine platform, we’re focusing on enhanced search and discovery and putting the user first.

The Aiimi Insight Engine is our AI-powered data insights platform. Our customers use it to discover new insights, get more value from their data, and safely adopt AI right across their business. All of this is only possible because the Insight Engine gives you the entire data picture – automatically finding, connecting, and labelling all your enterprise data to create one universal information layer.

So, what’s new with Bell?

With this latest release, our in-house R&D team has added enhanced search and discovery features, all designed with the user front of mind.

We're building a better-than-native experience for viewing and previewing content in the Aiimi Insight Engine, so our customers can get all the answers from their data through one seamless user interface, rather than having to jump between different apps. Enterprise organisations typically have 300+ corporate systems, all containing valuable pieces of information. But with no way to surface that information, insights go undiscovered, leading to missed opportunities and increased risk of failure. The beauty of the Insight Engine is that by creating one universal information layer across all enterprise data, both structured and unstructured, it’s able to retrieve the right answer no matter where it’s stored, rather than being limited by siloed data.

Intelligent insights hub

The Aiimi Insight Engine landing page sits at the heart of our efforts to elevate the enterprise information experience for users. We’re transforming this page into an intelligent hub that pushes the most relevant information to users, right when they need it. With Bell, our new and improved landing page is simpler and more intuitive, so you can get to the information you need faster. It’s also customisable, so you can create your own branded space that feels familiar to your users, and now offers search suggestions based on a user’s persona, previous actions, and even actions among their team.

We’re also adding enhanced loading, scrolling, and browsing features, all designed to minimise interruptions for a frictionless user experience. And by surfacing relationships between enterprise information, we’re making it even easier for users to get the answer they need, enabling them to navigate via content they’re already familiar with.

Extending human capabilities with AI

Bell also builds on the Insight Engine’s ‘lenses’, which give users more relevant, multi-dimensional ways to interact with information. Our Map Lens now allows users to visualise results geospatially and see information from a different perspective – so you can uncover previously hidden connections between data to spot patterns, opportunities, and risks.

The Aiimi Insight Engine makes light work of privacy and compliance tasks, and with Bell we’re welcoming smarter DSAR processing – specifically, enhanced automated redaction to save you time and manual effort when redacting sensitive information in custom collections. This opens up even more opportunities to complete entire business processes using configurable collections in the Insight Engine – and because you’re always in control over who has access, your content is protected from collection to export.

New connections

Enrichment is the Aiimi Insight Engine’s magic ingredient, bringing rich context to your content, whether that's by extracting key entities, summarising content, adding classifications, or all of the above. With Bell, we’ve enhanced the pipelines for bulk enrichment, to supercharge your enterprise information with valuable metadata faster than ever.

Our portfolio of connectors is constantly growing, and for Bell, we’re adding a new Slack connector – so you can turn the knowledge hidden in your Slack channels into actionable insights. AI-powered enrichment adds metadata and context to Slack messages, so conversation content becomes structured, searchable, and useful. As ever, information security is at the heart of our platform, and this new connector is no different – we're breaking down data siloes and enabling collaboration, while always ensuring your content is always secure and permissions are maintained. Our SharePoint connector isn’t new to the Insight Engine, but with Bell there’s now the option to reflect changes to SharePoint content in near real-time, so your insights are always up-to-the-minute.

All these updates further our efforts to take the enterprise information experience to another level – making it richer, providing more context, and enabling a smoother, more intuitive journey, so that users can ultimately get more value from the entire enterprise data picture.

Find out more about the Aiimi Insight Engine or book a free consultation to learn how other organisations are using it to transform their business.

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