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Vienna delivers an effortless and insightful user experience.

by Helen Patenall

The upshot of our latest Aiimi Insight Engine software release? Assured privacy and compliance plus straightforward search and navigation for an even better user experience. Product owner Chris Murray explains how our new Disclosure Portal, Folder Browsing, and Mark as Useful features will help business users.

Hi Chris. When is Aiimi Insight Engine’s Vienna upgrade due for release? And what are its key features?

Hi Helen. Set to launch on 5 September 2022, our Vienna release delivers 15 new product features to make the Aimi Insight Engine user experience even more intuitive. I’d like to share the key benefits of our top three features – Disclosure Portal, Folder Browsing, and Marking as Useful.

Let’s start at the beginning. What’s the new Disclosure Portal? And how will it help our Aiimi Insight Engine users?

As you know, our existing DSAR Solution enables Aiimi Insight Engine users to discover, collate, redact, and share all the personal data and sensitive information they need, wherever it’s stored, to process data subject access requests (DSARs) and right to be forgotten (RTBF) deletions from employees and customers. All responses are packaged up with privacy policies and covering letters to disclose comprehensive DSAR Collections directly to these data subjects.

Although automated, simple to use, and speedy (read our in-depth DSAR blog series to find out how), Aiimi Labs has upgraded this DSAR Collection delivery system to feature a fully secure one-way communication Disclosure Portal. Why? Well, it reduces the potential security leaks, accidental data breaches, and file size limits of sending DSAR Collections as compressed file attachments. This upgrade is a real step up for safe, straightforward DSAR/RTBF delivery.

How does it work? Our DSAR Solution users will now send two separate emails (with no attachments) directly to each data subject via the Disclosure Portal. The first email will export a unique URL link to that data subject’s DSAR Collection. The second email will export a unique password to secure exclusive access. The DSAR Collection can now be accessed, read, and downloaded by that recipient, and no one else (not even the original sender, team, or organisation).

And if any errors are discovered post-disclosure, our DSAR Solution users can easily correct files and redisclose the updated DSAR Collection. Two entirely new emails are generated: one email will deliver a brand-new URL link, and the other a completely new password. The Disclosure Portal makes it quick and safe to send revised DSAR Collections, so any mistakes or updates are easily resolved.

The Disclosure Portal also records exactly who disclosed (business user) and accessed (data subject) each DSAR Collection using the URL and password supplied. This generates an auditable trail for data privacy and compliance purposes. Plus, the portal automatically logs out data subjects if they’re inactive for 15 minutes, and even erases the DSAR Collection 30 days post-issue for added security.

The Disclosure Portal overcomes the challenges of disclosing DSAR/RTBF Collections as email attachments, offers a secure and straightforward business user and data subject experience, and creates an auditable trail for ICO compliance.

Extensible, this new feature will shortly be rolled out to cover DSARs for Freedom of Information (FOI) and Environmental Information Regulations (EIR), delivering an even broader end-to-end privacy and compliance experience for DSAR Solution users.

That’s comprehensive! Can you tell me more about the new Folder Browsing and Mark as Useful features? How do they help our Aiimi Insight Engine users?

Aiimi Labs’ continually strive to improve our core Search & Discovery Solution with useful search and navigation features. Folder Browsing enables users to visually browse a hierarchical folder system to navigate data stored in inconvenient or archived systems. This helps users find the live and legacy data they need to carry out daily business tasks more quickly.

When businesses migrate legacy data saved in legacy system folders to new storage locations like Azure Blob, the Aiimi Insight Engine preserves the original folder structure (as metadata). So, Folder Browsing doesn’t just help users find legacy data. It also enables users to discover that data, plus related insight, within its initial context. This is especially useful when data privacy and compliance teams need to access legacy data for DSAR/RTBF quickly, rigorously, and compliantly, before the secure Disclosure Portal delivery stage.

There are two routes to Folder Browsing. For a structured hierarchical approach, users can browse folders at a source repository level. Or they can browse folders directly from a search results page. Either way, by looking through data stacked and grouped by theme, users can find the data they need. And discover related information stored in the same place or nearby to reveal new data relationships and valuable insights.

Users can also use our new Mark as Useful feature to highlight useful data revealed in a search result to help others. By marking a search result as useful, other users can visually pinpoint high-value data that could be of benefit to them. Likewise, they can mark practical search results to other colleagues. This two-way collaborative feature speeds up searches, discoveries, and knowledge sharing across the business for swifter decision-making.

When will Aiimi Labs reveal the Aiimi Insight Engine’s next set of amazing user experience features?

We’re busy road mapping our third software upgrade of the year, with Warsaw set to launch in October 2022. Sign up to our Aiimi Insights Newsletter to get the next round of features and our latest data and tech news delivered directly to your inbox.

15 new software features for smarter Privacy & Compliance and faster Search & Discovery.

Privacy & Compliance

  • Disclosure Portal
  • Redaction Reasoning
  • Redaction Marking
  • Bulk Add to a Collection (Manage)

Search & Navigation

  • Mark as Useful
  • Folder Browsing
  • PDFTron Previewer 2.0
  • Hit Highlighting 2.0
  • Map View 2.0

Search Relevancy & Performance Testing

  • Minimum Must Match on Queries
  • Makers Algorithm 2.0


  • Azure Blob Storage Plug-In
  • External News Connector

Essential Platform Maintenance

  • KPI Charts 3.0
  • Elastic Search Upgrade

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