Your data privacy and compliance solution for data governance

When it comes to data protection and regulatory compliance, stay one step ahead with an automated governance, risk, compliance (GRC) software solution.

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The Aiimi Insight Engine keeps pace with your ever-changing data protection needs.

Built on the Aiimi Insight Engine, our powerful data governance solution makes light work of finding, auditing, and protecting your personal data and sensitive information.


Find, audit, and protect your personal data and sensitive data, including Personally Identifiable Information (PII), Payment Card Information (PCI), and Intellectual Property (IP).

Actionable Insight

Benefit from data-driven insights alerting you to risks and threats to your sensitive and personal data, so you can take instant mitigating action.


Manage your personal data with fast, accurate, and automated governance, risk, compliance software and GDPR software, including subject access request management and data erasure (RTBF).


How is the Aiimi Insight Engine different – and why is it better?

Our Aiimi Insight Engine uses AI and machine learning to create a data mesh, giving you an evergreen, up-to-date picture of your data universe. Uncover risk and discover new insights.

Its data mapping features facilitate personal data discovery and fast compliance processes, steering timely subject access request responses and secure right to be forgotten data erasures.



Data breach is every responsible leader's biggest fear, but protecting personal information and intellectual property – and ensuring compliance – is a difficult and complex task.

Mistakes happen, cybercrime strikes, and people  will always use systems that break the IT rules. 50% of enterprise information is ‘dark’, and it’s those hidden, forgotten-about places that are often the riskiest.


By 2023, 65% of the world's population will have its personal data covered under modern privacy regulations.*

* Source: Gartner 2020

By 2023, 65% of the world's population will have its personal data covered under modern privacy regulations.*


The Aiimi Insight Engine is always-on and responsive.

Your data landscape is forever changing, so our insight engine's interconnected overview of your personal data and sensitive information enables you to keep pace with ever-evolving data privacy and compliance regulations.

It connects to everything and goes everywhere, enabling our data governance and regulatory compliance solution to continually monitor and control who's accessing and using your personal data for guaranteed security.

Visual Dashboards
Full visibility over all enterprise information, with auto-classification and dashboards to help you control and unlock the hidden value in your data

Automated Classification
Find and identify the exact personal data, documents, and files you need to comply with industry best standards.

Dynamic Indexing
Stay in sync with your evolving data universe for always-on compliance and data privacy by design.

Advanced Pattern-Matching
Stay alert to problem areas and behaviours, take mitigating action, and avoid data breach.

Data Management
Take corrective action to move, delete, or quarantine personal data and sensitive information to protect your business.

Automated Redaction
Auto-redact sensitive data (PII, PCI, and IP) to process data subject access requests, right to be forgotten requests, and case management processes for secure disclosure.

The Aiimi Insight Engine will help us to reduce time spent searching for information spread across our corporate systems. Generating new insights from our asset information gives assurance we’re getting things right first time, and meeting security and compliance requirements.

Richard Stirland, Asset Data Team Manager, Anglian Water’s @one Alliance


How does the Aiimi Insight Engine prioritise risks?

We know that the biggest information risks will be different for every organisation and team - that's why we combine four fully-configurable risk measures to give you the most reliable insights.

  1. How many data subjects are mentioned
  2. How much personal data is there
  3. How visible is the file or object
  4. How many times have people accessed it


Spotlight Use Case

How does our Aiimi Insight Engine's data privacy and compliance software protect your personal data, secure your sensitive information, and deliver data insights for GDPR compliance to safeguard your customers?

Watch our video to find out how.

Automate Risk
Automate the identification of high-risk non-compliance for review, prompting corrective measures when applicable.

Rate Risk
Prioritise risk on a very high to low scale, targeting remedial and preventative action (moving or deleting data, or permissions trimming).

Profile Risk
Configure risk profiling for active notifications to stay alert to new risk and uncover unknown risk.


Unlocking intelligent insights in an increasingly regulated world.

Complex and time-consuming regulatory and compliance challenges are everywhere. Advanced cybercrime and data breaches alongside stringent GDPR regulations and data protection standards make your business terrain trickier to negotiate. Added to this is our remote and hybrid workforce.

We've mapped out the potential pitfalls – and how an automated data privacy & compliance solution and insight engine can mitigate risk and transform your business.



A dynamic take on privacy and compliance, powered by the Aiimi Insight Engine

An interconnected, progressive view of your information is the only way to keep pace, not just with data privacy and compliance, but with the demands of an organic, ever-evolving data universe.

The Aiimi Insight Engine continually learns and adapts so it can keep on delivering value, creating a platform that drives benefits throughout the enterprise – from privacy and compliance, to migration, to data science.

With its open connector framework and enterprise-wide data mesh, the Aiimi Insight Engine can connect to anything and go anywhere, powered by highly scalable, open-source Elasticsearch.

Because always-on means always unlocking value.

With the Aiimi Insight Engine, we're delivering robust end-to-end processes for DSAR and deletion, while reducing costs and increasing efficiency. As we look to the future, the potential of the platform also presents exciting new use cases for driving further commercial value for our customers.

Jo Graham, CIO at boohoo Group