Back in December 2019, we announced that Aiimi had become an official member of the UK Water Partnership (UKWP), bringing our expertise and knowledge of all things Digital and Data to the partnership.

The UK Water Partnership (UKWP) was established in 2015 to unite the UK water sector and the organisations who work within it. Their main aims are to support new water research, encourage collaboration and innovation and promote economic growth in the water sector.

At Aiimi, we work with numerous companies in the UK water sector – including Anglian Water and Northumbrian Water – so we were thrilled to bring our experience and expertise to this long-standing organisation.

Our first engagement with UKWP was to collaborate on their latest Digital Water whitepaper and action plan, aimed at exploring the commercial opportunities for UK water companies within the $30 billion digital revolution occurring in the water industry.

In the whitepaper, Peter Fleming, Aiimi’s Head of Strategic Consulting, shares our experience of driving the adoption of Digital Twins in the water industry. Digital Twins present the opportunity to better visualise new concepts and methods in water management before they are applied to real-life situations. The whitepaper also features insights from a variety of other commercial organisations and water companies.

“Water is an area where we see not just a number of opportunities to grow our business, but also an area where organisations can have a positive, tangible impact on the lives of millions of people.” Steve Salvin, CEO at Aiimi

Following a draft and consultation process, we’re pleased to announce that the UKWP Digital Water whitepaper is now live and can be downloaded, for free, from the UK Water Partnership. We've included a link to download at the end of this article.

As the long-term sustainability and effective resourcing of water becomes an increasingly pertinent environmental and commercial challenge, we are more and more conscious of our opportunity and responsibility to make a difference. As a company, we intend to use our expertise in the water industry and as data experts to initiate and progress solutions which will help others.

Aiimi will also be working with UKWP to run the first in a series of virtual workshops aimed at supporting organisations in prioritising and implementing the recommendations given in the Digital Water whitepaper –

Digital Water Virtual Workshop – Making it Happen

Date: 26 June 2020

Time: 0930 – 1300 (split into two sessions 0930-1130 prioritising recommendations, 1145-1300 road mapping)

If you’re interested in attending, please get in touch with Tom Doyle at UKWP –


Download the Digital Water whitepaper