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Meet Tokyo, our latest Aiimi Insight Engine release.

by Helen Patenall

The latest Tokyo release serves users with easily customisable automated data alerts and provides brand-new visual representations of interlinked data records. All designed to empower the Insight Engine user with actionable insights.

I spoke to Product Owner, Sonia Chaudhry, to find out how the Insight Engine’s new spotlight features – Markers & Alerts and Network Diagrams – expose and serve data intelligence directly to your door.


Hi Sonia. It sounds like Aiimi Labs has been extremely busy since the Sydney release back in July. What’s the story behind the new Tokyo upgrade, and when is it set to go live?

Hi Helen. Yes, you’re right, Tokyo is quick on the draw since our Sydney upgrade. Our team’s been super busy adding even more value-driven insights to our Aiimi Insight Engine. Set to launch on 27 October, Tokyo is our final major release for 2021, and we’re ending on a high note! This upgrade presents 13 new product features, including two new game-changing tools – Markers & Alerts and Network Diagrams – to enhance the user experience. Together, these new tools lift the lid to reveal even more insightful data-driven search and discovery results.

Can you reveal more about the Markers & Alerts spotlight feature – and how it adds even more value for our Aiimi Insight Engine customers?

We’re excited to share Markers & Alerts. This new tool enables users to customise place markers on any data record or collection of records they're interested in, so they’re automatically alerted by email and in-platform when changes or updates occur to those records.

For example, a user might be interested in certain types of data or events relating to information about a person, organisation, site, or asset. Now, once the user has set up their customised place markers, they no longer need to manually check for changes to those data records because the Markers & Alerts feature will proactively serve automated, insightful, and timely alerts directly to their inbox on a daily or weekly schedule. Customised Markers & Alerts can be easily shared, duplicated, or snoozed. Tracking structured data updates in this way will prove incredibly useful for compliance teams compiling audit trails.

What about the second spotlight feature, Network Diagrams? How is this new tool different from Aiimi Insight Engine’s existing visualisations?

The new Network Diagram feature uses links and relationships that the Insight Engine has found across different types of data records, providing a way to visualise connections between data records. This empowers Aiimi Insight Engine users to navigate data in a new, more intuitive way – via relationships – and uncover new avenues of exploration. It also enables users to uncover intelligent insights about how and why data records are linked by exposing their relationships visually in a network diagram within a wider context.

Can you explain how this feature is an enhancement to the Aiimi Insight Engine’s existing linear interface?

Well, when data records, data sets, or entities are listed in a purely linear fashion, users can’t always easily see what the relationships are or how the data records (e.g., individuals, locations, assets, and on-site equipment) are connected. A network diagram can really help visualise these interconnections to boost and simplify search navigation for additional research and analysis, deepening insights.

On a day-to-day basis, how will Network Diagrams boost the user experience?

Here’s some commonplace examples. A user viewing invoices will benefit from seeing which customers those invoices are linked to, so a visual network diagram is beneficial in demonstrating those relationships. Or a user reviewing a specific person can now effortlessly uncover connected individuals, affiliated departments, or associated organisations, offering a labour-saving tool for business decision-making and authorisations.

This could be advantageous for compliance and cybersecurity teams seeking potentially criminal, fraudulent, or non-compliant activity by that individual, prompting further investigation of that person, others connected to them, and their associated departments or organisations. Pertinent information could then be disclosed to support future disciplinary or legal proceedings.

Can a Network Diagram result be downloaded and shared with other users?

Yes, that’s another of our Tokyo features. Alongside users being able to export data records and Office documents in PDF format, this new feature offers the additional option of being able to add the diagram to a collection, share the diagram, or export the entire Network Diagram, displaying relationships between data subjects.

This could be used to visualise how an individual connects with a firm, or how a company asset connects to an operational site. Although the Network Diagram is viewable in the Aiimi Insight Engine in real-time, this new feature also enables users to export a snapshot of this visual display as a PDF to offer additional support for key business decisions and keep track of changing scenarios.

I imagine Aiimi Labs is already working on the next upgrade. What’s in line?

Our first major release for 2022 is Utrecht. I’ll reveal more in the new year!

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Discover the 13 new features coming to the Aiimi Insight Engine in our Tokyo release:

  • BIM360 Source Connector
  • Markers & Alerts
  • Correlating Same Type Records
  • Search Accuracy Algorithm Optimisations
  • PDF Export of Data Records
  • Converting Office Documents to PDF at Export
  • Linking Records
  • Data Record Versioning
  • Results Details Page
  • Document Version Identification
  • Network Diagram
  • PDF Export of Network Diagram
  • Deletion of Thumbnail Files for Deleted Documents

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